Why Donate?

The “Donate Movement” is a call to action powered by Goodwill® focusing on the positive impact donating clothing and household items has on people, our community and the planet.

The Donate Movement is a social awareness initiative launched by Goodwill to encourage people to consider purposeful reuse of clothing and household items before taking items to our landfills.

The use of the “D” icon we hope will become a universally recognized symbol, like the recycling symbol identifying items that can be donated.  Levi Strauss & Co. is the first company to participate in the movement, and others are following their lead.


The benefits of donating are substantial. The revenues Goodwill generates selling donations received from the public benefit people in local communities, who gain skills through job-training programs and go on to earn paychecks.

The Donate Movement clearly bridges Goodwill’s mission, vision and values of building stronger families with environmental sustainability.

Donations are valuable to Goodwill and its mission. When people make a financial contribution to a non-profit, they carefully consider where the money will go and how it will be used. Goodwill believes donations of clothing and other household items should be no different.